When Romance Is a Scam


The median loss for romance fraud victims in their 20s was $770. People in their 50s reported losing twice as much. The losses reached $3,000 for victims in their 60s and $6,450 for those in their 70s.

“We’ve heard of people refinancing their homes and cashing out retirement accounts,” Ms. Nofziger said. “Scammers go where the money is, and criminals know that older adults have the majority of assets in the United States.”

Last year, federal prosecutors brought a number of alarming romance cases. A 76-year-old widow in Rhode Island transferred more than $660,000 to bank accounts she thought belonged to a U.S. Army general in Afghanistan. (Posing as a military member is another red flag, along with overseas locations.)

In Oklahoma, 10 Nigerian and United States citizens were indicted in a fraud ring targeting multiple victims in three states. A grand jury in Georgia indicted a man accused of bilking a Virginia woman, who had a large trust, of $6.5 million.

Ms. Floren may qualify as one of the luckier victims. As “James Gibson” was leaving for Europe, he suddenly called, saying his Netflix card had expired. “He really wanted to be able to watch movies on the plane,” she recalled. “Would I please go to a Walmart and buy him a $100 Netflix card?”

Gift cards, untraceable and available everywhere, have become the currency of choice for scammers, Ms. Nofziger said. But they may also ask victims to open a bank account and provide access to it, or to ship iPhones.

Ms. Floren bought a gift card, reading her apparent suitor the number. Three days later, he called again, claiming to have left a bag of expensive tools in a cab. “He was hysterical on the phone,” she said. The tools were worth $4,000, but he’d found replacements for just $2,600. Would she send him the money?

Romance fraud: Looking for love in wrong place proves costly

For the victim, a 78-year-old man from Annandale, it started with an effort to find some companionship. He created an account on a social network called iFlirt, then made contact with someone identifying herself as a widowed woman in her 30s who seemed interested.

As the online relationship grew, though, the scam started to emerge. The woman, who claimed to be from New York, said she was arrested while traveling to Germany to retrieve an inheritance of gold bars, and needed money to make bail. The man paid it, only to get another message that she was arrested a second time and needed even more money.

In the end, the Annandale man, who is not identified in court papers, got taken for well over $500,000, the latest victim in a growing trend known as romance fraud.

39 Irish Female Artists Perform Incredible ‘Dreams’ Rendition For Safe Ireland


39 Irish female singers and musicians joined forces to create a socially-distanced music video in aid of Safe Ireland. The likes of Wyvern Lingo, Imelda May and Una Healy came together to perform a beautiful rendition of The Cranberries' timeless track ‘Dreams’, written by the late Dolores O’Riordain.

The single features some of the most exciting talent the Irish music industry has to offer. RuthAnne was responsible for the idea and getting the ball rolling on the project. She gained a phenomenal amount of support from other female artists. By the time it came to fruition, RuthAnne had 38 other singers and musicians joining her.

I’m very proud to be a part of this. I love Dreams. I loved Dolores O Riordan. But mostly I love when we all come together to positively change issues that need changing. One united voice against the physical and mental atrocity that is domestic abuse. — Imelda May (@ImeldaOfficial) June 15, 2020

The brilliant ensemble came about after a recent statistic was released by gardaí indicating a rise of 25% in domestic violence calls in recent months. The supergroup was formed in an effort to raise awareness about this difficult issue that many Irish people may be facing, particularly at this time.

The video was superbly edited by Kevin Cassidy and his team at Document Films. It shows the various artists singing in front of camera, in their different homes. Some of the artists play keyboard, bass, violin, guitar and drums.

Safe Ireland is an organisation aimed at providing support for women and children experiencing domestic violence. The organisation’s mission is to end domestic violence and make Ireland the safest country in the world for women and children.

All funds raised by the single will go to Safe Ireland. You can also donate €4 by texting SAFE to 50300. The charity’s helpline is 0766805278.

The full list of artists are Ailbhe Reddy, Aimée Áine Cahill, Allie Sherlock, Caroline Corr, Elaine Mai, Emma Langford, Erica Cody, Eve Belle, Faye O’Rourke, Fia Moon, Imelda May, Laoise, Lilla Vargen, Lisa Hannigan, Loah, Lyra, Melina Malone, Moya Brennan, Niamh Farrell, Orla Gartland, Pillow Queens, Roe, Róisín O, Ruthanne, Saint Sister, Sibéal, Soulé, Stephanie Rainey, Tolu Makay, Una Healy, Wyvern Lingo, and musicians Aoife Dennedy, Louize Carroll, Lucia McPartland, Maria O’Connor, Maria Ryan, Sarah Lynch, and Theodora Byrne.

Sassy single women who’ve been asked to send nude pics by hopeful men reveal their BRILLIANT comebacks


“SEND nudes” are the words every woman using a dating app dreads hearing.

Most of us usually ignore these requests - but thanks to some quick-witted ladies, we’ve now learned some incredible comebacks.

10 One woman cleverly sent a man a picture of her nude lipsticks Credit: Twitter

Over on Pizza Bottle, women are posting the brilliant responses they’ve come up with to shut down men’s X-rated demands.

These include sending a picture of nude lipsticks (they did ask for nudes, right?) to sharing snaps of chicken breasts and legs.

When one woman was asked for a shot of her in her bra, she hilariously popped a passport photo inside her lingerie.

Others wrote out fake error messages, and repeatedly sent screenshots of an iPhone picture loading sign.

10 This bloke got exactly what he was looking for - thighs, breasts and legs

10 One witty lady took the request very literally Credit: Twitter

10 We hope this guy enjoyed his photo of ‘great tits’

It’s safe to say that the men on the other end of these messages weren’t best pleased.

One told the woman he was talking to that he “hates” her, while another simply wrote: “Stop.”

We can’t say they didn’t deserve it.

10 One woman even managed to persuade a man that he needed a new phone Credit: Twitter

10 All this guy could say in response to a joke snap was ‘Stop’ Credit: Twitter

10 This girl used a Snapchat filter to confuse the man she was talking to - who sounded like a real charmer

10 This person repeatedly typed out an error message Credit: Twitter

10 One lad simply got bombarded with a picture of actor Michael Cera’s face

10 We love how much this woman played a man at his own game Credit: Twitter

Meanwhile, these women’s lives turned out for the BETTER after their fellas cheated.

Women revealed the most excruciating ways they’ve been dumped in a hilarious Twitter thread.

And four in five men “would rather their wife cheat with lesbian lover in hope of a threesome”.