Cool weather veggies fun to grow


Cool weather vegetables are fun to grow

There are many positives for growing cool weather vegetables. The best reason is because there is very few insect enemies, no beetles or cabbage butterflies, very few humid days, and virtually no dry spells. When you protect the cool weather vegetables from frosts, freezes, snow, and ice with a layer of crushed leaves, those vegetables can endure the harsh late autumn and winter temperatures and provide plenty of green in the cold and dead of winter.

Dark thirty coming earlier everyday

The sunsets are getting more colors and days getting shorter by a minute each evening. There is a little bit of a nip in the air at twilight time and more leaves and acorns are falling from the trees each day. There are still a few weeks until Jack Frost arrives.

Broccoli is a cool weather crop that will winter over

Broccoli plants are still available at hardware’s, seed shops, garden departments, and nurseries. They are available in six and nine packs. At this late date, check the plants carefully and purchase only those that are healthy and have healthy leaves and blue green stems. When setting them out, allow two to three feet between each plant so you can apply a layer of crushed leaves for protection from weather extremes. Apply an application of Plant-Tone organic vegetable food on both sides of the plants. Apply a layer of peat moss in the furrow before setting out the plants. Water each week with the water wand on “shower” mode when there is no rain in the forecast.

Planting a row or bed of Siberian kale

Siberian kale is truly the king of the winter garden and a real hardy survivor. Kale will grow quickly in the cool soil in early October. Most hardware’s feature several varities but the best and the sweetest is Siberian kale. Unlike many other greens, do not mix different varities of kale, but sow each variety separately for best results. Use Plant-Tone organic vegetable food in the furrow and cover seed with a layer of peat moss before hilling up soil on each side of the furrow. Side dress once a month with Plant-Tone or Miracle Gro liquid plant food mixed with proper amount of water in a sprinkle can and poured over the kale. Water every week with the water wand on “shower” mode when there is no rain in the forecasts.

You can still plant a row of onion sets

Onion sets are still available and can be set out as October begins. You can choose from red, yellow, or white sets. Plant in a furrow about four inches deep and three or four inches apart. Apply a layer of peat moss on the onion sets after setting them out. Add an application of Plant-Tone organic vegetable food on top of the peat moss. Hill up soil on each side of the furrow and tamp down with the hoe blade. Every two weeks, use a sprinkle can of water mixed with Miracle Gro liquid plant food and pour over tops of onion sets. Apply a layer of crushed leaves between the rows of onions.

Several more weeks remain for planting of flowering spring bulbs

Spring flowering bulbs can be purchased at Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Lowes Home Improvement, Walmart, garden shops, hardware’s, and nurseries. You can choose from daffodils, narcissus, jonquils, tulips, hyacinth, and crocus. Buy only bulbs in transparent see through mesh bags or individual bulbs. Check and do not buy soft or rotted bulbs. Purchase a bag of bone meal or bulb starter to get bulbs off to a great start. Invest in a bulb planter made of durable steel to make bulb planting easier. Place a layer of peat moss over the bulbs before applying bulb booster or bone meal and then cover with a layer of soil. At the end of October, cover with a layer of crushed leaves.

Helping hummingbirds prepare for their flight to Mexico

As we move into October, the hummers have an extra sense to know that their soon flight across the gulf is imminent. Cooler nights and a nip in the air are sending a subtle message to them. The fading annuals of summer are also sending them a message. As October arrives, so does their up and coming flight across the Gulf of Mexico. You can help them prepare for their journey by keeping nectar in the feeders and checking them out everyday. They will need to be at their best energy level as they fly nonstop across the golf.

The taste of autumn in a tart apple

The bite into a tart, mellow apple and to feel the juice sprinkle on your face is a touch of Heaven on earth. Only God can make something a tart and juicy as the autumn taste of a fresh apple. There are plenty of apples of all varities raised in many states in America. Each apple and their states and conditions they grow in reflects their taste, tartness, and mellowness. By far, the best tasting apples in America are a product of New York State where varities such as McIntosh, Rome, Jonathan, Jona Gold, Empire, York, and Winesap are produced. Whether its the gray loamy soil, heavy snows, late springs, pleasant summers or just the legacy of Johnny Appleseed. New York State apples are just hard to beat. Their tart, mellow, juicy texture is just outstanding, unique and incomparable!

Making a Macintosh apple casserole

Macintosh apples are the very best of apples because they are tart, mellow, and juicy. This makes them great for a casserole. For this recipe, you will need ten or more McIntosh apples, two tablespoons plain flour, one teaspoon salt, two sticks melted light margarine, one cup light brown sugar, one cup sugar, one tablespoon apple pie spices, one teaspoon vanilla, one teaspoon lemon flavoring, half cup Log Cabin maple pancake syrup. Peel, core, and cut apples into quarter inch slices and set aside. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large bowl, combine brown sugar, sugar, flour, apple pie spices, vanilla and lemon flavoring and maple syrup. Add the melted margarine, mix well. Spray a 13 x 9 x 2 inch baking pan or dish with Pam baking spray. Arrange apple slices in the bottom of baking dish. Spread the brown sugar mixture over the apples. Cover pan or dish with foil and bake for one hour or until apples are tender.

Pansies are the gems of autumn annuals

With their dark green foliage and colorful flowers with faces that endure the crispness of autumn and the cold of winter. The brightness of pansies bring much color to the gray days of winter. On gray, snowy days of the winter they are true gems of the front porch. Each flower reflects its personality with its familiar face. We have seen them pop their faces up from a clump of fresh snow to perk up a gray day. You can still plant pots or containers of pansies or even a bed of pansies. Buy a bag of pansy booster to give the newly planted pansies a boost. they are still in full bloom at Home Depot, Lowes Home Improvement, Walmart, Ace Hardware, most hardware’s and nurseries. They brighten up any porch!

Checking out the late late autumn tomato

October is now here and the late, late, tomatoes should have green tomatoes hanging from their vines. As October nights get cooler, the frost date draws closer. The date of the first frost date on the calendar is October but we can usually expect frost around October 24. The late, late, tomatoes should be harvested before the first frost, wrapped in sheets of newspaper, and placed in box lids and kept in the house or basement, covered with sections of newspapers and checked twice a week for ripeness. They may not be as tasty as sun ripened, but better than hothouse.

Hoe hoe hoedown

“Interesting conversation!”- Two factory workers were eating lunch one day. One worker said to the other, “My wife talks to herself a lot.” The other worker replied, “So does mine, but she doesn’t know it, she thinks i’m listening to her!”

“Needing help?”- A woman walked up to the manager of a department store. “Are you needing any help?”, she asked. “No” , the manager said, “We already have all the staff we need.” “Well, then would you send someone over here to wait on me?”, she asked.

The almanac for the month of October 2021

There will be a new moon on the evening of Wednesday, Oct. 6. Columbus day is Monday, Oct. 11. The moon reaches its first quarter on Tuesday, Oct. 12. There will be a full moon on the night of Wednesday, Oct. 20. This moon will be named Full Hunters Moon. The moon reaches its last quarter on Thursday, Oct. 28. Halloween is Sunday, Oct. 31.

A report on the number of August frost

August 2021 was a relatively dry month and it affected the density and the number of the fogs of August. The month produced twenty fogs. There were four heavy fogs, eight medium fogs, and eight light fogs. This means winter may give us four snowman type snows, eight snows that cover the landscape, and eight dustings of snow or flurries.