WATCH: Ethan Plath Tells Olivia Why He Abruptly Left


Olivia Plath and her husband Ethan’s marital issues have been one of the major storylines explored during season 3 of “Welcome to Plathville.” In a sneak peek for the October 5 episode of the TLC reality series, the couple met up to discuss their relationship after spending some time apart.

Ethan and Olivia decided to separate and move out of their home in Cairo, Georgia. After Olivia told Ethan that she was leaving, he said that he felt “heartbroken,” but admitted that he was partially to blame for the state of their deteriorating relationship. Ethan later decided that he also needed some space. He left a note on the door of their house letting Olivia know that he was “taking off for a while,” but didn’t reveal where he was going. “It’s such an un-Ethan thing to do,” Olivia said. “Ethan doesn’t take off. I just really hope he’s safe.” According to Ethan, it was 4 a.m. when he made the decision to split.

When Ethan returned, he explained his abrupt departure to Olivia.

Ethan Told Olivia He Was Ready to Start a Family

Ethan’s abrupt escape has given him the answers he needs, but are they the answers that Olivia wants to hear? Don’t miss an all new episode of #WelcomeToPlathville, TOMORROW at 10/9c. — TLC Network (@TLC) October 4, 2021

When Olivia asked Ethan what he went searching for, he told her that he needed “some time to think things through without any distractions.” In addition to his marital struggles, he’s had to cope with tension within his family. As reported by The Sun, his relationship with his mother and father, Kim and Barry Plath, became so strained that he decided to cut off contact with them. He believed that they were one of the reasons he and Olivia were having so much difficulty working through their issues. “I would say definitely the stuff we had to sort through with my family really put a strain on our marriage,” Ethan told Us Weekly in late August.

Ethan was thinking about family when he met with Olivia, but he didn’t mention his parents. “The main thing I want is a family, and I want to have that family with someone that I truly love,” he said in the teaser clip. He then brought up how much Olivia changed after they got married. In a September episode of “Welcome to Plathville,” Olivia spoke about his struggle to accept the new her. “He has a really hard time with me changing. The one underlying thing he says is I’m not the person he married and if he had known I was going to be like this, he wouldn’t have married me,” she said, according to Us Weekly.

What Have Ethan and Olivia Said About Having Kids?


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Ethan told Olivia that he spent his week away asking himself whether there was “anyone else” that he would want to start a family with. The clip ended before he shared his conclusion.

Olivia previously confessed to feeling a sense of relief when she suffered a miscarriage because she wasn’t ready to become a mother. “Like, I felt bad for being relieved, but I was so relieved because it was like, a wake-up call of like, ‘I’m not ready to have a kid. I don’t want a kid,'” she said, per People. She revealed that Ethan felt the same way.

They were also on the same page when they spoke to Us Weekly about parenthood on August 31. They agreed that they wanted to wait a little while longer to have kids, with Ethan saying that it would “still be a few years before” they started a family of their own. But the couple has to stay together for this to happen, and viewers can see if they reconcile when “Welcome to Plathville” airs on October 5 at 10 p.m. Eastern time on TLC.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoiler: Are Ethan & Olivia Still Together?


Olivia Plath revealed that she had moved out of the home she shared with her husband Ethan Plath during the September 28 episode of the TLC series “Welcome to Plathville.” The episode left fans wondering whether the couple reconciled after it was filmed or if they decided to split up for good.

At first glance, there are no clues about their relationship status on social media. As of this writing, the most recent post on Olivia Plath’s Instagram grid is dated September 2. It’s a solo photo of the reality show star taken during a trip to Philadelphia. As for Ethan Plath, he hasn’t posted anything on his Instagram page since July 19, when he shared a video teasing season 3 of “Welcome to Plathville.” However, Olivia regularly posts content on her Instagram stories, and a series of videos that she uploaded on October 1 revealed the current status of her relationship with Ethan.

Here’s what you need to know:

Olivia Plath & Ethan Plath Appeared Together in a Promo for an App

Olivia and Ethan Plath’s relationship is a popular topic of discussion on the “Welcome to Plathville” subreddit, where fans have shared a number of theories about the couple. “I think the show is a bit behind, they did split, and have since reconciled but they haven’t gotten to that part in the season yet so they can’t post about it on Instagram,” wrote one Redditor. However, Olivia made no attempt to hide the fact that she and Ethan were on a “special date” in one of the videos on her Instagram stories.

The husband and wife were sitting outside on the ground. There were covered picnic tables behind them, so they were likely visiting a park. They spoke about an app called Paired that is “designed to help you get to know your partner better,” per Olivia. As she talked, she affectionately grasped Ethan’s upper arm with one hand. “So Olivia and I have very busy lives,” Ethan said. “To help us stay connected, we recently downloaded an app called Paired for couples.”

While demonstrating how to play one of the app’s games, Olivia mentioned that her and Ethan’s wedding anniversary was coming up. One of the questions on the Paired app indicated that the couple was considering taking a trip to Alaska to celebrate the occasion. As reported by Us Weekly, the “Welcome to Plathville” stars wed in October 2018. Olivia confirmed that they were still married as of August 9 while answering fans’ questions on Instagram.

Why Some Fans Aren’t Convinced That Ethan & Olivia Have Reconciled

Even though Ethan and Olivia Plath appeared to be very much together in her videos, some Redditors still believe it’s possible that the couple has called it quits. “What if that was all a ploy to ‘look together’ for the show so viewers don’t know how it ends/think they get back together,” read one theory. “I know of another reality tv couple that had already split, but they had sponsorships lined up, so they made it appear they were still together,” wrote another commenter.

Us Weekly shared a preview for the October 5 episode of “Welcome to Plathville” that shows Ethan meeting with a realtor alone and sharing his plans to move away from his hometown in rural Georgia. “Now, I don’t have any intentions of staying in Cairo whether things work out with Olivia and I or not,” he says.

“Welcome to Plathville” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. Eastern time on TLC.

‘Welcome to Plathville’: Ethan Plath wants to sell home after separating from Olivia


On this season of ‘Welcome to Plathville’, the older Plath kids are navigating through their relationships without Kim and Barry’s influence. While Moriah and Max are going strong, Micah is making the most of his youth and refuses to be tied down. But for Ethan and Olivia, it has been far from smooth sailing.

For Olivia and Ethan, their marriage honestly seems to have gotten past the point of repair. The two have stated that they are now separated and are unsure of what the future holds for their relationship. However, in an interesting turn of events, Ethan is now ready to leave his hometown of Cairo behind.


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‘Welcome to Plathville’: Moriah struggles to pick between Olivia and her parents

After Olivia packed her things and left for an undisclosed number of days after a massive argument, Ethan, too, decided he needed some time away. No one knew where he was off to, all he did was leave Olivia a note stating that he needed time to himself. Having returned home, Ethan is now determined to put his and Olivia’s home up for sale. Ethan explained what led to his change of heart was his time away from home.

This getaway made him realize that there is so much more to see and do in this lifetime and if he stays here, it’s unlikely that he’ll ever experience any of those things. More importantly, he stated that this is a choice he wants to see through, even with Olivia or not, because he is not sure where their marriage stands. Ethan even went as far as to get the house listed, showing the real estate agent around.

During the same process, he reminisced about his marriage and the memories the two made together – from the beautiful piano he purchased for Olivia to the porch they built together. He hoped that Oliva would notice his effort to sell the home as it could help mend their broken relationship. With only the listing left to be signed, it looks like Ethan and Olivia are ready to move on to the next phase of their lives, with or without each other.

Do you think Olivia and Ethan can make things work out? Or will this separation finally lead to a divorce? Or can Ethan’s move to sell their home be the reason that helps save their marriage? Sound off in the comments below and tells us why they should stick together or call it quits.

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