Ant and Dec issue Saturday Night Takeaway appeal as Limitless Win starts on ITV


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Ant and Dec have made a huge call out on behalf of Saturday Night Takeaway, just as their new show Limitless Win debuts on ITV.

Although the country was subject to lockdown restrictions this time last year, the Geordie presenters and their team still manage to get Takeaway on our screens every weekend, hosting live from the studio with star guests like Gordon Ramsay, McFly, Tom Jones and Michelle Visage joining in the fun.

Saturday Night Takeaway is definitely coming back for 2022 and, on the eve of Limitless Win making its highly anticipated premiere, the show has issues a rallying call for people to take part.

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As Ant and Dec were dropping teasers galore for Limitless Win, a post on Takeaway’s Facebook page appealed for viewers to nominate a deserving individual for a special surprise from the lads.

The post read: “From everyday heroes and key workers, to children who deserve an amazing surprise, we’d love to hear from you!”

(Image: ITV)

The accompanying flyer asked fans of the show to think of friend or colleague who “always goes above and beyond,” a neighbour who has helped a lot in the community or an ‘unsung hero’ who deserves an amazing surprise.

You can head HERE to nominate someone or even nominate yourself and you need to be 18 or over.

The person you nominate needs to be over the age of five.

Excitement is high for Limitless Win to air on ITV. Not only does five part series feature the world’s first limitless jackpot, it also marks Ant and Dec’s first new show format in over ten years.

Every question is an opportunity to climb the endless money ladder and reach the big money, but only a correct answer banks the cash.

Push their luck too far and contestants will crash out of the game and lose it all.

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‘Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win’: When is it on TV? How does it work? All you need to know


Ant and Dec launch their first new series in a decade. (ITV)

Kings of primetime entertainment Ant and Dec are launching a huge new show on ITV - Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win.

It’s their first new series in over a decade and comes with the excitement of boasting TV’s first ever never-ending cash prize.

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Here’s all you need to know about the show, including when it’s on TV and how it works.

When is Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win on TV?

The new series which runs for five episodes begins on ITV on Saturday, 8 January at 8.30pm.

How do you play Limitless Win?

The high-stakes show is full of jeopardy. (ITV)

As the title suggests, the aim of Limitless Win is to bag as much money as possible without crashing out of the competition.

Pairs of contestants have to answer a series of general knowledge questions to climb the endless cash ladder in the style of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, and just like in that quiz, if they choose to try another question but get the answer wrong, they risk losing all of their winnings.

But here, there’s no upper limit to the jackpot - meaning those with a wide general knowledge and nerves of steel could potentially win the biggest prize ever in TV gameshow history.

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Ant told PA news agency: “It’s the world’s first limitless jackpot. That’s the selling point for us, and that’s what hooked us in, is the fact there’s no top prize, and if you played this game right, you could win millions upon millions of pounds.”

He added: “We did worry that we were going to bankrupt ITV.”

Dec told Digital Spy: “When you turn the light off at night there’s that little thing that goes off in your head that goes, ‘What if someone just keeps winning – what are you going to do?’ I don’t know what would happen.

“We’d have to cancel Tipping Point, The Chase. Take all their prize money, put it in a pot.”

The pair also admitted that while trying out their new gameshow, they had got up to £1.2 million prize money - then lost the lot.

Story continues

Which other gameshows have Ant and Dec hosted?

The presenters admitted some moments were tough to watch. (ITV)

Of course, this isn’t Ant and Dec’s first foray into gameshow hosting.

As well as including gameshow elements in Saturday Night Takeaway and I’m A Celebrity, they have fronted a number of other competitions over the years.

Their first gameshow was Friends Like These in 1999, and in 2005 they fronted Ant & Dec’s Gameshow Marathon which recreated TV quizzes of years gone by.

In 2006 they presented PokerFace, Wanna Bet? in 2008, Ant & Dec’s Push the Button in 2010, and most recently Red or Black? in 2011, but so far none of their gameshows has run for more than a couple of series at most.

Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win begins on ITV on Saturday, 8 January at 8.30pm.

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ITV’s Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win: Ant McPartlin’s battle with pills and booze and his fight back to health


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Ant McPartlin is back on our screens tonight as he continues his hugely successful comeback from addiction issues.

The presenter will appear alongside long-running television partner Dec Donnelly at 8.30pm on ITV1’s Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win gameshow. There were fears over the future of Ant’s career in 2018, when a long-running substance problem culminated in a drink-driving conviction, but the star is now more than three years sober.

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Ant’s prescription drug addiction came after he injured his knee in 2014 and had a botched operation on it the next year. He believed the knee damage was sustained during a Riverdance routine on a Saturday Night Takeaway show.

The presenter was initially prescribed co-codamol and codeine, but when doctors found there was a hole in his knee bone, he was put on the highly addictive opioid tramadol.

Ant told The Sun: “I didn’t think it was a problem then, but you just keep taking them. They’re very hard to come off. I was taking them more regularly, more regularly.”

The presenter became dependent on a mix of drugs to get through work commitments like Britain’s Got Talent, while putting off second surgery to repair his knee.

Following 2017’s Britain’s Got Talent final, he had the operation but his addiction continued to spiral. He was again prescribed tramadol for the pain and told the Sun he was “taking them whenever, willy-nilly”.

(Image: ITV)

Ant said he was also drinking too much and taking sleeping pills. He agreed to go to rehab following an intervention by Dec and his then-wife Lisa Armstrong.

During his rehab stay he was prescribed OxyContin to help him off tramadol. Ant said he experienced “horrendous” withdrawal symptoms of irritation, scratching, sleepless nights and sweating.

Shortly after being discharged from rehab in 2017, Ant told The Sun: “I’ve taken a little break from booze. I’ve done two months and I’ll do a little bit longer. But I’m looking forward to having a pint.”

Driving back from walking his dog with his mum Christine in March 2018, Ant veered into the wrong lane while going round a bend in south-west London. He crashed into a Mini with a family inside before hitting a BMW. He was twice the alcohol limit. A woman in the Mini suffered a shoulder sprain and bruising.

Ant was banned from driving for 20 months and fined £86,000 after admitting drink-driving. He told reporters: “I let a lot of people down, and for that I am truly sorry. I’d like to apologise to everybody involved in the crash and I am just thankful that nobody was seriously hurt in this.”

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The presenter had another spell in rehab. For the first time Dec hosted two episodes of Saturday Night Takeaway alone, as well as Britain’s Got Talent live shows, while Holly Willoughby helped him present I’m A Celebrity!

Ant later spoke to The Sun about his alcohol addiction: “What you find in recovery is if you’re dependent on something, in my case painkillers, it might transfer to something else if you’re not careful… I didn’t take on board as much as I should how much your head scrambles once you face an addiction head-on and overcome it.”

Speaking about his divorce, he added: “I was going through a lot of personal stuff that was very publicised. The problem is you take something or you drink to escape from an underlying unhappiness.”

(Image: PA)

After becoming sober Ant got the Alcoholics Anonymous symbol tattooed on his left wrist. He said: “It’s more about beliefs and principles and where your mind is at in terms of love and being of good service to other people, moving forward positively. It’s about how I am and how I will live my life in a good way.”

On his right wrist, he has an S tattooed in reference to his sobriety. He told The Sun in 2019 his relationship with Dec was stronger than ever, adding: “He was just so supportive and brilliant.”

Ant returned to his TV partnership with Dec in early 2019, continuing to appear in Britain’s Got Talent, I’m a Celebrity and Saturday Night Takeaway. Last year he married Anne-Marie Corbett, formerly his personal assistant, at a church in Hampshire.

Limitless Win is Ant and Dec’s first new quiz show in a decade and offers a limitless cash prize. Contestants can keep adding to the prize pot as they answer questions correctly, but with more money available to win comes the increasing risk of losing it all.

Married NHS couple take home £500k on Ant & Dec’s new quiz show Limitless Win on ITV


The first episode of Ant & Dec’s new quiz show Limitless Win aired on Saturday January 8.

The new show sees contestants attempt to correctly answer questions and if successful, they’ll have the opportunity to win a cash prize.

Unlike any other quiz show, how much the contestants can win is an unknown figure because they will be playing for the world’s first unlimited jackpot.

The first couple to take part were husband and wife Will and Kathryn, two NHS workers and they took home £500,000.

They began the game confidently and did well answering questions but after banking £100,000 they began to rapidly lose lives and got closer to ending their time on the show.

With very few lives left, they took the risk and decided to see another question.

Thank you so much for all your lovely #LimitlessWin messages. We’re so glad you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed making it. Roll on next Saturday! 🎉 — antanddec (@antanddec) January 8, 2022

After successfully answering it, their balance rose to more than £500,000.

The Doctor and Midwife were pleased to have continued their run on the show after they came very close to cashing out with just over £100,000.

They continued but shortly after their turn ended and they took home the cash.

Will and Kathryn currently rent their home but they are now thinking about buying a property with their prize money.

How to watch Limitless Win on ITV

The debut series of Limitless Win kicked off on Saturday January 8 at 8.30pm on ITV.

The series will have a total of six episodes which will all be one hour long.

If you’re unable to tune in on Saturdays, you can catch up with the episode on the ITV Hub.

Limitless Win will continue on Saturdays at 8.30pm on ITV.

Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win Trailer


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